• Remington Ride2:25
  • Freeborn Man excerpt0:57
  • Maggie's Farm excerpt0:45
  • Dixie Hoedown excerpt1:19
  • Salt Creek excerpt1:00

Audiences love Cane Mill Road's high-energy performances, the band's natural rapport, and the eclectic songs and tunes in the show. Growing up just down the road from Doc Watson these teens rock the traditional bluegrass standards they grew up on, yet they boldly tackle Dylan, the Beatles, and Gordon Lightfoot. Honoring the past, the band looks to the future with a blended set of traditional and progressive music that leaves audiences glad they stopped on Cane Mill Road!


We are proud to be working with 2-time Grammy winner Cathy Fink, who is producing our debut album, and Tom Mindte at Patuxent Music studio in Maryland. Please, pre-order the album at www.gofundme.com/canemillroadCD...the album cover by Susi Lawson is above!

Cane Mill Road

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